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December 09, 2004


doc Russia

Well, it is good to hear that the surgery was successful.
As for the residency, you are absolutely right. Hospitals all too often look upon the interns and residents as cheap labor. Hour for hour, the high school dropout screwing up your order at taco Bell gets paid more than an intern. Yes, you have to figure in overtime to make it work, but it is the truth.
I have another year and a half until my intern year. The only thing I am looking forward to is that I will be getting a paycheck instead of going into debt.


As an MS4 heading into internship, well, my wife and I cringe daily at the upcoming horror about to fall upon us. This is actually good reading; it helps me solidify me reasons for not moving to Boston for training. Somehow, hospitals in this country have cast an image of a downtrodden, barely-workable system in which they barely make ends meet. In reality, hospitals are some of the most profitable components of the health care "system", and they're mostly deplorable in their means. Have no fear, though, as the bough is about to break. ED's have recently begun offering only screening examinations to nonemergent patients, as required by EMTALA. Soon, they will no longer be taking care of the needy poor, and then we will have a crisis even the press cannot ignore.


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