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August 03, 2004



Not just free labor, we're PAYING to be there! Sometimes on rounds I think to myself, "I don't know how these patients survive being taken care of 99% of the time by people who haven't finished their medical educations yet!" That goes for residents and students.

Ashley Ross

On balance, I spent all of my residency well supervised and felt very supported. I think there is plenty wrong with the world of residencies but there is plenty right. The goal of patient care was always quality above quantity since that is what being a doctor is all about. The opinons and perspectives expressed on this site reflect mostly the conventionanl wisdom found mostly in the surgical residencies. For those that think the 80 hour work week is not going to be the answer, I think they are naive. Until there is a change in the conventional wisdom that forms the basis of surgical training in this country (and some other disciplines), not much is going to change with the treatment of surgical residents. When choosing a residency one must decide if they can live with the current training provided by a residency. I had a great residency in Pediatrics and now a great fellowship in Neonatology. I decided long ago that I could not be happy as a surgeon.....god bless those that make that decision since we need great surgeons....we just don't need ones that perpetuate the current system.

On the side....I can't say I agree with your politics and these days am struggling to even appreciate it however, thanks for the perspectives on residencies in this blog...not many outside of medicine know anything about what really happens in teaching hospitals at times. Maybe someone will stumble on this blog like I did.

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