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June 25, 2004



I'm sorry it was so difficult for you to open the bottles. :( Your idea of leaving Ipecac is totally hilarious! What a mental image I get! LOL

P.S. I'm having trouble leaving comments with my URL attached; do you have a blacklist by any chance? A while back some asshat went around spamming blogs using MY url, so my site was added to the master blacklist, but has since been removed. Maybe that's why I'm having trouble here?? If so, could you remove prism of whispers [dot] com from your list please? Thanks! :)


Amen! (or at least as close to 'amen' as an atheist can get).

There's a rather similar attitude in Australia with pool fencing. My parents built their house when I was almost in high school - and a very competent swimmer. They had no other children, there was no reason to fence the pool off, however the law stipulates that ALL pools must be fenced...just in case some random child happens to be visiting or climbs the fence and drowns.

Phenomenal - especially in a country where swimming is taught in primary school and is a skill that it's almost impossible to do without.

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