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I'm an underemployed English major with an overworked husband, a chip on my shoulder and a song in my heart.


When I was in college, I wanted to be June Miller; somehow I've turned into June Cleaver instead. I rode the very end of the dotcom wave and used to get paid to surf the internet all day. Now I'm a slacker, due to recession, uncertainty, and the awful feeling that I'd sold my soul.

OK, that cash flow was like opium, but tight budget aside, there are major benefits to my being a resident wife ("housewife" is such an ugly word). I have time to take care of my husband now, and vent on his behalf. He's a senior resident at a teaching hospital in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, with little time for luxuries like sleeping or taking care of himself.

Unfamiliar with the rigors of resident life? Here's a peek into the life of the sleep-deprived zombie taking care of your loved ones: long hours, low pay, crushing debt, hazing, abuse, bullshit regulations, hazing, abuse, long hours and low pay. Did I mention hazing, abuse, long hours and low pay?

Warning: I loathe political correctness and occasionally use foul language. This is my blog, for venting my spleen, ranting (or raving) about whatever I damn well please. If you find it enjoyable or informative, lovely. If you find it offensive, bugger off; nobody is forcing you to read it.

I always want to give credit where credit is due; any lapses of attribution are to due the Whoops Factor, not malice. That said, all original content © 2004 by MaryClaire, Resident Wife. And no, that's not my real name.